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⎝⎛ ⎞⎠⊙译名 女巫/The Witches
⎝⎠B⎝⎠⊙原名 Le streghe
⎛⎞T⎛⎞⊙年代 1967
⎝⎛之⎞⎠⊙产地 意大利/法国
⎝⎛家⎞⎠⊙类型 剧情/喜剧/爱情
⎛⎞网⎛⎞⊙语言 意大利
⎝⎠址⎝⎠⊙片长 Germany: 121 分钟
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⎝⎠B⎝⎠⊙上映 1967-02-22
⎝⎛T⎞⎠⊙评分 6.1/10 from 1,036 users
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⎝⎛T⎞⎠⊙豆瓣 7.0/10 from 100 users
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⎝⎝.⎠⎠⊙导演 卢奇诺·维斯康蒂 Luchino Visconti / 皮埃尔·保罗·帕索里尼 Pier Paolo Pasolini / 维托里奥·德·西卡 Vittorio De Sica / Franco Rossi / 莫洛·鲍罗尼尼 Mauro Bolognini
⎛⎞M⎛⎞⊙贴编 A big tongue dog
⎠⎠E⎝⎝⊙编剧 Mauro Bolognini
⎝⎝ ⎠⎠    Fabio Carpi
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝⊙主演 西尔瓦娜·曼加诺 Silvana Mangano
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    安妮·吉拉尔多 Annie Girardot
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    弗朗西斯科·拉瓦尔 Francisco Rabal
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    马西莫·吉洛蒂 Massimo Girotti
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    维罗尼卡·旺代勒 Véronique Vendell
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    埃尔莎·阿尔巴尼 Elsa Albani
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    克拉拉·卡拉马伊 Clara Calamai
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    玛丽卢·托洛 Marilù Tolo
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    诺拉·里奇 Nora Ricci
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    Dino Mele
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    赫尔穆特·贝格 Helmut Berger
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    Bruno Filippini
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    Leslie French
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    阿尔贝托·索尔迪 Alberto Sordi
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    托托 Totò
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    尼内托·达沃利 Ninetto Davoli
⎠⎠ ⎝⎝    劳拉·贝蒂 Laura Betti


      "The Witch Burnt Alive" After a very long, but visually arresting animated opening credits sequence, Luchino Visconti (Death in Venice) directs the first story, which is the longest of the five, taking approximately a third of the film's running length. Mangano plays a superstar actress and model who travels to a mountain resort, only to find the well-to-do inhabitants have prejudices and preconceived notions about her based on her public persona. The women are all jealous and the men all want to sleep with her, but all Mangano wants is to be left alone. It's a mostly somber satirical piece, but story-wise, it languishes in its modest idea a bit long, becoming inconsequential to all but those fascinated by the realities of being famous. "Community Spirit" Bolognini's piece isn't really a story. It's more of a visual gag, in a short segment that features Mangano offering to take an injured man to a hospital, driving him at breakneck speed throughout the city, but not stopping at locations where he might find aid. I won't give away the punchline here, but it succeeds in being amusing, even if it's the kind of thing that only is interesting the first time through. "The Earth Seen from the Moon" The esteemed writer/director, Pier Paolo Pasolini (Salo), crafts the middle segment, which is the most artistic and memorable of the five. Reminiscent in style to "Don Quixote", a recently widowed father and his son travel around the country in search of a new wife and mother, and after a long period, they discover the literally speechless Mangano. She brings joy into their lives, but they are poor, and in order to find a better life for themselves, they concoct a scheme to try to make some quick cash. The story is contrived, and not completely interesting, but the outlandish performances, artwork, and costumes does evoke great charm and likeability. Although mute, it's probably the most appealing of Mangano's five performances, and Toto is terrific. "The Sicilian" Franco Rossi directs the fourth an shortest piece, a straight-forward revenge story that comes and goes before it ever has a chance of becoming interesting. It's violent, but easily the least satisfying of the five stories. "A Night Like Any Other" Eastwood's appearance is clearly the biggest attraction here, which was filmed in between the Sergio Leone "Dollars" trilogy. It's an enjoyable departure from his normal roles, playing a comedic romantic lead, and he is affably fun to watch. Famed Italian director, Vittorio de Sica (The Bicycle Thief, Umberto D.) does a masterful job with the story, which perfectly blends the mundane and the fantasy in a visually satisfying way. The story is about a bored housewife (Mangano, of course), who tries in vain to get her husband to realize that he is not as romantic as he used to be. The scene is interspersed with comedic romance sequences revolving around the couple's past romantic interludes, and dreams of how their lives should be. 帖子编辑,BT之家:BTBTT.ME 高清电影版块,循序渐进发展一点一滴的慢慢露出崭新的面貌。

    ⊙标签 意大利 | 维斯康蒂 | Luchino_Visconti | 帕索里尼 | Pier_Paolo_Pasolini | Vittorio_De_Sica | LuchinoVisconti | 1960s


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